E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Tobacco But There’s Still Controversy

e cigarette accessoriesThere are many good reasons to choose E cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. The elimination of most of the harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes is a major reason. Smoking tobacco releases thousands of dangerous chemicals. Smoking E cigarettes eliminates this. The smell cigarettes smoke on the clothes, homes and offices of cigarette smokers is also eliminated. Electric cigarettes are odorless allowing smokers can enjoy the feeling of smoking without the nasty smell. E cigarettes can also smoked in places where tobacco smoking is banned because there is no second hand smoke.  The health benefits of electronic cigarettes are obvious. Not inhaling hot smoke laced with harmful chemicals helps the lungs, heart, brain and other organs to become healthier. The yellowing of teeth and fingers associated with smoking tobacco is also eliminated. Plus the breath of the smoker will no longer reek of tobacco. House and car fires, burnt clothes and furniture and lighters and smelly ashtrays are all eliminated with E cigarettes. They don’t light up so there is no danger of burns to people or things.


Effects of chewing tobacco

Chewing of tobacco also called smokeless tobacco is equally dangerous, if not more than actually lighting up a cigarette. There are times that people might be under the myth that it is a safe alternative but that is not the case. The habit of chewing tobacco can be an extremely addictive habit that you get into once and you can be hooked. Even if you find out how dangerous it is, it becomes difficult to let go off the habit.

Also it might have never crossed your mind but the fact remains thatchewing tobacco contains tons of cancer causing harsh chemical in it. It contains a host of chemicals that will bring on the worst possible kinds of cancers. If you are conscious of your health and want to lead a long and healthy life, then this is one thing that you will avoid for certain.

Effects of chewing tobacco multiply over a period of time as the body gets attuned to the habit. It has an extremely detrimental effect on your teeth. It stains them and causes a whole lot of cavities and decay. It is also one of the major caused for bad breath. Chewing of tobacco can bring on mouth cancers and affect the lungs severely. The statistics indicate that there are 30,000 cases of new oral cancer patients being detected every year in the US. Every year almost 9,000 people die of these cancers. Men are more affected by the effects of chewing tobacco then women.e cigarette accessories

Also, the chewing of tobacco can go on to make your gums weak and also decrease the ability to taste and smell. This means that food no longer has the right kind of appeal to it and therefore the person tends to lose appetite. This in turn will bring about nutritional and vitamin deficiency which will lead to a host of other concerns. Chewing of tobacco will also go on to affect the other parts of the mouth such as the entire oral cavity, the larynx, pharynx and the esophagus. Long term continuous users of chewing tobacco are putting themselves more at a risk of dangers that are linked with it. There can also be gum recession and also the tooth being exposed and falling finally. This will also cause teeth to be sensitive to hot and cold things and get discolored. There can also be higher blood pressure and heart palpitations.


People Worldwide Consume Tobacco Products

e cigarette accessoriesA new Lancet research reveals that there are more smokers worldwide than previously thought and that the global tobacco burden may have been underestimated. In the light of these revelations, does India need tighten its anti-tobacco campaign? The new study showed that over half the world’s population consumes discount cigarettes. That’s approximately 852 million people worldwide according to the new estimates. 661 million worldwide smoke and 247 million are smokeless tobacco users, 206 million in India alone.

China has maximum consumers at an estimated 301 million. India comes next, with 275 million tobacco users. President, PHFI, Dr Srinath Reddy declared, “The new study shows that given the fact that tobacco is going to be centuries number one killer and is still biggest publicly threats, not only do we need strong laws, they need to be effectively implemented and India is an important area in which tobacco control needs to be strict even more.” Dr Nevin Wilson, The Union sad, “One in 10 deaths globally is because of tobacco use and the imperative policy makers to invest in tobacco control.” In a major boost to the fight against tobacco use, Australia will be the first country to implement plain packaging for cigarettes. But come December, all Golden Gate cigarettes in Australia will be sold in drab looking olive brown packets with big graphic health warnings on them.

All brand names will be written in the same generic font. The colors and packaging have been tried and tested, to discourage smokers. New Zealand, UK, Turkey and even India are thinking on the same lines. And if India follows suite, cigarette packets might be sold in plain grey colors. Seema Gupta VHAI said, “India definitely needs to adopt plain packaging. And like the market research showed that 80 per cent of respondents said that they will not really initiate if they can’t associate with a particular brand they will not even think of smoking and a dull grey color will have a lot of difference as compared to a bright red, blue or any other color which normally companies use

All the passive smoke that are emitted by tobacco products are classified as environmental tobacco smoke. environmental tobacco smoke, passive smoking refers to the release of all tobacco products are lit, the cigar or smoking. Research shows that cigarette smoke cigars and many versions of the same type of irritation. Both cigar and cigarette smoke from the cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, nicotine, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia. Environmental tobacco smoke from cigars and cigarettes are also releasing carcinogens such as vinyl chloride, benzene, arsenic, hydrocarbons, and nitrosamine. Cigars, because their size, generally show more environmental tobacco smoke from smoking. Set in the smoke cigars, then, may cause more than a health threat than inhaling cigarette smoke from a burning cigarette.

Although both cigars and cigarettes is the same version of toxic environmental tobacco smoke, there are important differences between them. This distinction is related to very different from cigars and cigarettes are produced. Cigar production of a long process of fermentation and aging. During the process of production and fermentation, a large amount of carcinogens produced. After the cigars have been fermented and aged, they are packed in flexible non-porous to prevent the cigar burn too fast. The fermentation process and non-porous shell both contribute to high levels of carcinogens in cigar smoke that al. When the cigars lit, carcinogenic compounds produced during fermentation is released. Non-porous casing also helps burn up high in the carcinogen is not pure.Other reasons why cigars produce a large number of carcinogens in their scope and length. Smoking cigars is more than fair. their size allows them to release more smoke, and in turn, higher concentrations of toxic and irritant. In addition, smoking a cigar that will be much slower than regular cigarettes, and cigar smokers are encouraged to take time and enjoy a relaxing experience.